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Getting Started

  1. 1. Contact Your Builder - Call the office via phone 239-275-0602 or use our Website at

  2. 2. Appointment - A member of our team will contact you to make an appointment to discuss your new home design; choosing from one of our designed homes or an architecturally designed custom plan.

  3. 3. Design Agreement Your new home will require an engineered plan and a scope of work to be completed, to get the project started. A Design Agreement is signed and the process of building your new home will begin.

  4. 4. Approval - Balentine Builders will gather all pricing and complete the scope of work. At this time you will be presented with a final scope of work and a fixed price for your home.

  5. 5. Material Selections - We will be working with you to complete the material selections required for your home. The selections are completed prior to contract so that pricing is complete for the home. A complete list of all appliances, flooring material, plumbing fixtures, lighting or other supplies needed to complete your home will be provided to you during the design phase.

  6. 6. Construction Agreement - Once the scope of work and design are agreed upon, a construction agreement will be signed. The construction agreement and initial deposit will start our process of items that need to be done before construction can begin on your new home.

  7. 7. Construction planning - When your plans are completed, design selections finalized, and materials selected and all permits are obtained, we are ready to begin construction.

  8. 8. Construction begins - Your assigned team member will supply you with an outline of the time frame for your project. Once the project is under construction, your superintendent is the first point of contact to discuss your overall project.

  9. 9. Closing the project - Upon completion of the project, a Balentine Builders Quality Assurance Representative will guide you through a New Home Orientation and you will receive a detailed packet that reviews the warranties, products and services.

  10. 10. Customer Care - Our objective is to build a relationship that lasts a lifetime and a project that last beyond. A Quality Assurance Representative will answer any questions and address any warranty items for your home.

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